Monday, April 7, 2008

Cannot take ownership of VM image

I ran in to this problem when updating VMWorkstation.

You must stop all virtual machines (not suspend) before applying the VM Workstation update. Failure to do so will cause loss of ownership of the VM. If this happens to you, you need to update the .lck file for each vm that was not shut down.

Here's how:

Open VMWorkstation

Click File >> Open >> <select the image you want opened> >> Click Open

If this image was suspended before the update, you will get a message box about taking ownership, just click cancel.

In Explorer, navigate to the directory of the image with the issue. Ex: W2k3R2

Open the sub directory W2k3R2.vmx.lck

Rename the <filename>.lck file in this directory to <filename>.lck1 notice the "1"

Go back to VM Workstation

Click File >> Open >> <select the image you want opened> >> Click Open

You will now be able to start the virtual image and shut it down properly to allow for the VM Workstation upgrade. The <filename>.lck1 file should have been renamed by VM Workstation to <filename>.lck. If your still getting prompted to "Take Ownership", repeat the steps again.

Repeat the steps above for each image you have had suspended. It will not hurt images that were properly shut down, if you rename the .lck file and try to open it in vm workstation.