Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sync with SharePoint calendar causes Outlook to crash

This issue is caused when there is an "Exceptions to Recurring Event"

Root Cause:
Older calendar items brought over from SharePoint 2003 that had exception on the recurrence.

Delete all the calendar items that have an "Exception to Recurring Event", except Recurring Events that have an Exception and are Prefixed with "Deleted:" Like as follows:


NOTE: you must follow the instructions below to delete the items with the exception. If you try to delete the items without the instructions below you will get the following error.



  1. Create a view that groups by Recurrence
  2. Look for items where the Recurrence icon has a slash through it
  3. Click on the items edit menu and select Edit Item
  4. The Recurrence section should look like the following (it will have Custom selected)
  5. Select Yearly, you will be prompted by SharePoint
  6. Click Ok
  7. Click Ok on the EditForm.aspx page and you will be prompted, again.
  8. Click Ok
  9. Open the items menu again and select Delete Item
  10. If you are prompted to send the item to the recycling bin, click OK
  11. Repeat these steps for all items that have an exception to a recurring event.

If you have cleaned up all the corrupt items, you should be able to sync your SharePoint calendar to Outlook .


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog item

I have the issue in Sharepoint 2007 linking with Outlook 2003. I can't find the custom (in recurrence) selection

Any idea where I did wrong?

Alex said...

I handled one problem some weekends ago. It was rather complicated issue, which I could solve by means using resourced from the Inet. I downloaded an utility from one site, which I regard has reasonably possibilities for working out this problem - converting ost file to pst.

Mike said...


I just wanted to say thanks for this, now in 2015 I had the same issue and solved it exactly by the steps you described. Amazing how some bugs are not fixed even after 6 years.