Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seven Words You Can’t Swype

What if the great George Carlin would have used the Swype keyboard to write one of this most famous jokes?  The joke would go something like this:

Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television








George would have been out of a job…

Now I’m not saying that those words are necessary, but there are times when they are a requirement. Let’s just say the bank is issuing you yet another ATM card (since they did not link the past 7 to your account) and you want to text your displeasure to your wife, brother or some friends.  This is a case where it would be helpful to have such words available to Swype.  This is what your message looks like when Swyping your discuss.

“Duck those Mother, ducked up my card again. What the duck!”

What the duck, that’s what I say.

Other then this minor non-issue the Swype keyboard on my HTC HD2 ROCKS!

If you read this and you don’t know what Swype is, go check it out:



Anonymous said...

if a word isn't in the swype dictionary....tap in each letter...hit space. It's just been added to the dictionary and then 'swypeable'

have fun

Tony DalPezzo said...

Yes following the link will provide that information too.